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Alan B

Alan B

Marketing Strategist

Alan is a digital transformation evangelist, marketing strategist & sales guru all rolled into one. And a nice guy to top it off.

83 days completed Joined October 2021
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Alan is an independent creative strategist and the founder of SilverStone.

For over 25 years, Alan has helped businesses grow and succeed. With experience in corporate finance, business performance analysis, sales and marketing and digital transformation strategy, Alan has an established track record of working with business owners and management to meet their challenges and achieve their goals.

What sets Alan apart is his focus on the people that make up a business. He believes that companies that reach their potential and remain successful in the long term are focused on investing in their people and keeping them engaged in a meaningful way. Knowing when to rely on the expertise of human beings and when to implement technology is Alan’s specialty.



Digital Marketing Strategist (2018 - current)

Some examples of Alan's experience:

Strategic Marketing and Project Director for a start-up online learning platform. Launched the business to market over a 12-month period and oversaw the design and development of the corporate branding, website, integrated learning management system and sales and marketing plan.

Strategic marketing and project director for an equipment importer/wholesaler looking to execute a digital transformation plan. The previous systems were online but not e-commerce capable. Oversaw the design and development of a new e-commerce website that integrated with inventory systems, CRM, payment gateways and over 1000 products from multiple suppliers.

Strategic marketing and project director for a new to market e-commerce business selling professional-grade soundproofing products to the DIY market. Developed and executed a content-based web and SEM strategy that led to the successful launch of the business and profitability within the first 12 months of operation.

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Key Skills
Project Management Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Marketing Automation Marketing Analytics Marketing Strategy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (1993)

Indiana University Bloomington

Key Industries
Professional Services Retail Trade Start-Ups