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Cindy C

Cindy C

Marketing Strategist

A great listener and storyteller ready to turn your experiences, ideas and priorities into engaging content that kicks goals!

24 days completed Joined December 2021
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Cindy is a great writer however not every great writer is a great listener and storyteller and that’s where you strike gold with Cindy. She loves to live in content land, she has done the fun stuff - Brand stories, strategic comms, blogs, social media posts while also delivering the high-level corporate stuff – responses to Senate Inquiries, Annual Reports, Press Releases, Strategy documents, policies…the list goes on.

Cindy is a big advocate for sharing stories. With a knack for listening, learning, then bringing experiences to life on a page or even a screen! Whether it’s a school child talking about life at school, a Freight Forwarder trying to launch a new app, a Cricket association attracting new sponsors with fresh web content, or an economic development committee trying to pull lots of ideas into a strategic document.

Cindy is a person who has been around the block a few times, she is even a published author! Cindy has been responsible for bringing brands, stories, experiences to life, and worked with communities to solve problems, using effective communications to drive a shared vision and get key messages across to the right people. A passionate community leader, Cindy sit on three non-profit boards all which fuel her fire and gives a human-centric edge to Cindy's work.  


Champion Redlands Coast

Chair (2020 - 2021)

Design, oversight and delivery of a co-operative media campaign aimed at influencing a cultural narrative and improving community spirit and culture. This campaign is funded by a group of industry leaders looking to make investment into the Redlands Coast community but are challenged by a community with a strong aversion to change and progress. This campaign is centered around using evidence based facts about what investment brings to the Redlands Coast, alongside using the trusted voices of Redlands Coast Champions using their stories to build trust and foster a positive community spirit.

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Good Human Strategies

Consultant (2019 - 2021)

Cindy currently operates her own consultancy business undertaking assignments from a range of clients around Brisbane, across a number of industries including management consultants, small businesses, law firms, and national disability service providers, and community organisations.

Focusing on inclusive ways of working through strategy development, community engagement, strategic communications and content creation including annual reports, brand stories, press releases, and submissions to Senate Inquiries.

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ASD Learning

Founder/Director (2014 - 2021)

Cindy began work in 2014 on opening a school for children on the autism spectrum (now The Sycamore School for young people with autism at Alexandra Hills). The process in establishing The Sycamore School involved the creation of a brand, concept, identity, and establishment of vision and purpose which drove the delivery of key messages in a complex and multi-faced stakeholder and community engagement exercise which has been ongoing for the past 7 years. As the founder, she was responsible for the delivery of these key messages through establishing stakeholder relationships, and working with traditional media, as well as social media. This was a large project in the early years of the establishment of the school and has now matured to involve responses to senate inquiries, and research-focused advocacy documents.

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Key Skills
Campaign Strategy Content Production
Public Participation (Community Engagement) (2021)

International Association of Public Participation

Company Directors Course (2018)

Australian Institute for Company Directors

Autism Studies (2016)

Griffith University

Social Science (PR & Communications) (2002)

University of Queensland

Key Industries
Government & Public Administration Not-For-Proft Professional Services