David Lungo

David Lungo

Enthusiastic bilingual marketeer with more than 12 years’ experience making people love purposeful brands. Friendly, authentic, and adaptable.

Cemoh Type

Marketing Manager


Queensland, Australia


Proactive and effective professional, with more than 12 years’ experience in the development of marketing strategies and brand construction as Brand Manager for local and global leader companies as Unilever and SABMiller Brewing Company.

The ability to establish new category products and managing multiple geographies highlights my professional career. I have led important brands such as Dove, OMO and Coca Cola.

A highly qualified marketeer who has had the opportunity to develop his skills in crafting marketing strategies, developing creative brand initiatives, implementing clever communication campaigns, and managing diverse types of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). His focus has always been in best interest not only of the company, but also for the users and consumers of my brands. 

Growth mindset marks his work and diligence defines his day-to-day. You will find someone who you can trust and a valuable team player in David.


Unilever Central America

Brand Manager (2014 - 2021)

Unilever: Leader in retail business, owning more than 25 brands in Central America and participating in three consumer categories: Home Care, Personal Care and Foods.

At Unilever, David had the opportunity to develop and perform a success marketing career which include:

Managed the development of brand initiatives (short and midterm plans), ensuring to fit them to different type of customers and users
Created meaningful publicity and communication campaigns for brand promotion and new product launches
Led brief sessions for agencies and partners, inspiring and empowering them to create relevant and value content
Developed digital plan which include social media content, leading the digital transformation of the brand in the region
Responsible for media and promotion budget, managing and executing more than $5m USD annually
Led the innovation and development plan


Brand Manager (2011 - 2014)

Proactively assisted in the development, execution and control of Coca Cola marketing and innovation plan
Managed brand development for non-alcoholic brews, the largest company business
Led and launched Fuze Tea to the market, which included multimedia strategy, digital and social media content and specific brand initiatives depending on customer focus. Fuze Tea became the second largest brand in the ready to drink segment in just one year
Created strategies for new products and packaging, ensuring company profit and the right product for different customers and consumers
Led the promotion plan for Coca Cola working face to face with Coca Cola’s Company team and external partners such as media and creative agencies


Marketing Foundation - Module I, II, II (2017)


Master in Business Administration (2011)

CESTE - International Business School

Key Skills

Brand Strategy, Campaign Strategy, Content Production, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy

Key Industries

Food & Beverage, Retail Trade