Jack F

Jack F

Marketing Strategist

Entrepreneurial-minded marketing strategist who thrives on helping SME's achieve profitable growth.

New Cemoh QLD, Australia Cemoh since February 2022
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For as long as Jack has been working for SMEs he has been motivated to solve the real marketing problems they are experiencing.

In the past few years Jack has focused his efforts on being an outsourced marketing strategist. He has helped SMEs make the most cost-effective marketing decisions that actually get them the most important outcome their business needs at that moment (from a growth perspective).

Jack is known for being deeply thorough and honest with the people he works with/for. Too often marketers will sell or push a prescription they've done a poor diagnosis for. This isn't Jack, and never will be. To really help a business solve its problems, he believes you must deeply understand the business you are working with.


Jack Ferguson

Marketing Consultant (2020 - 2022)

For the past 2 years I have consulted to SME's in the Professional Services and Hospitality Space.

During this time I authored the book 'From Plate To Pocket: The Strategic Guide for QSR and Cafe Owners to earn the profits you deserve' which detailed my philosophy on the strategy considerations that needed to be undertaken to increase profit. The book was 30,000+ words.

Services I offer included:

Growth Strategy Consulting; Market Research (Primary & Secondary); Targeting; Positioning; Pricing; Communications and Advertising; Business Model Analysis

Books To The Boardroom

Podcast Host & Producer (2019 - 2022)

Books To The Boardroom was the podcast that shared the stories of Brisbane's best leaders.

I was the co-host and producer of this podcast.

Guests included Tanya Cain (CFO Youi Insurance), Adam Campbell (CFO Flight Centre), Chris Mitchell (CFO Canstar), Jeremy Stewart (CEO Trade Tools), Sharyn Williams (CFO G8 Education), Dr Glen, Richards (Shark Tank), Nicky Lonergan (CEO Archers), Jason Titman (MD Integr8 Group), Chris Lowndes (CFO HopgoodGanim Lawyers), David Muir (CEO DS Energy), Rod Facey (CFO REIQ)

James Versace (CFO Brisbane Racing Club), Andrew Evans (CFO Redpath Australia), Mark Tobin (CEO Followmont), Toni Hawkins (CFO Armour Energy), Sonia Chadburn (CEO NAK Hair)


Brand and Marketing Manager (2018 - 2019)

I was responsible for setting the strategic marketing approach for the business, defining the most profitable value propositions, driving awareness, and increasing sales.

Growing the Marketing Department from scratch, I built systems for marketing operations and acquired customers through below-the-line tactics.

Communication and advertising channels that I managed included Email Marketing, Podcasting, PPC advertising, Social Media and the Company Website.

I worked with the sales team to nurture potential clients from ‘unaware’ to ‘customer’ and beyond to 'advocate'.

I was also responsible for the company’s first rebrand and the development of branding guidelines.

The Push

Podcast Host & Producer (2015 - 2022)

In 2015 I founded my own brand The Push to build community in the SME and Startup Space.

My vision was to bring a no-fluff approach to the reality of growing a business.

This podcast has featured the likes of Steve Baxter (Shark Tank), Dr Glen Richards (Shark Tank), Dr Catherine Ball (Q & A, Drone Expert), Holly Hunt (Founder of Women in Digital), Jason Andrew (Founder SBO Financial), has run for over 50 episodes for 2 seasons.

Burrito Bar

Marketing Manager (2014 - 2018)

I was responsible for Burrito Bar’s strategic marketing and branding efforts throughout the company’s growth from 4 stores to 32. During this period I helped drive network revenue from $3.7 million to upwards of $38 million.

Structuring Marketing Operations to allow for scale.

Developing and Implementing National Marketing Strategies.

Increasing HQ and Individual store gross profit.

Through the line campaign strategy that drove awareness (Brand and New Store) and sales.

Managing Local Area Marketing Strategy.

Liaising with various shopping centres to drive sales and awareness to individual stores.

Managing Google Adwords campaigns and Google Analytics.

Brand Planning and Management

Brand Positioning

Management of Traditional Media Advertising including Newspaper Adverts and Editorials, Flyer Drops, and Billboard Advertising.

Managing External Marketing Specialists, and Subordinates

Social Media Strategy (The Facebook following grew from 2,000 followers to 40,000+ during this time)

Australian Franchising Corporation

Marketing Manager (2013 - 2013)

Responsible for managing and coordinating marketing activity for 3 restaurant chains under AFC's umbrella.

Coordinating Social Media Advertising and Content, EDM's, Flyer Drops, Billboard Advertising, TV.

Advertising, Radio Advertising, Cinema Advertising, Website Updates, and the wider online presence.

Campaign Inception and Execution.

Event Planning and Execution.


Key Skills

Social Media Strategy Campaign Strategy Campaign Management Marketing Analytics Marketing Strategy


Mini MBA in Marketing with Mark Ritson (2021)
Marketing Week

Key Industries

Hospitality Professional Services Retail Trade
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