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Jane D

Jane D

Digital Marketing Strategist

Savvy communications expert with experience in marketing and production design. Jane has grown up around the world but her roots are deep here.

New marketing consultant Joined January 2022
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Academically, Jane possesses a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and holds a Diploma of Business, with 20+ years’ experience in communications, PR, production, media and marketing roles.

Additionally, Jane has completed professional industry courses, workshops and conferences to stay current with communications best practice and trends. Her background has given her insight into how we communicate our ideas: why stories connect us like nothing else does (and what doesn’t). Jane is a marketing guru with an eclectic range of experience – managing both SEO and SEM projects, training people in the field, as well as conducting academic research for start-ups and universities around the world. To say Jane’s career has been varied would be putting things mildly!


HELP Enterprises

Strategic Communications Manager (2011 - current)

Implementing business strategies across HELP and connecting marketing and communications needs within the departments.

Developing strategic communications plans that put the target audience at the heart of all tactical activity planning.

Overseeing digital marketing channels, goals, metrics, schedules and objectives, ensuring alignment with existing business requirements.

Developing campaigns and high-value content to meet business objectives (from concept development to production and editing including written, video, online, websites, print, campaign, and events). In addition, planning, creating and producing story content of participants and families with disabilities to promote HELP's business services.

Building a fully serviced in-house video service with funding for equipment through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund of $15,000.

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Producer Director (2010 - current)

Producing high quality content for a feature length film in business and entrepreneurship.

Producing an effective communication and marketing strategy for public engagement and funding.

Engaging industry partners and third party experts for opinion pieces.

Managing screenings, promotional interviews and distribution opportunities, as well as managing crew and staff for on and off location filming days.

Working with key industry partners such as Advance Queensland and Impact Innovation to further promote start-up businesses through events regionally and locally.

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Creative Producer | Contracts (2009 - current)

As Creative Campaign Producer and Strategist I consulted for companies full time over a 6-year period for the delivery brand, media, marketing and communications strategies and activities.

Responsible for asset creation, contract management, social media strategies, digital marketing, SEO/SEM.

Responsible for inbound marketing and communication strategies, competitive analysis, paid marketing campaigns, and creative design for client projects.

Managed teams of up to 15 members to create productions and assets for larger projects involving place branding.

Created marketing assets and productions for Myriad and Qode, two of Ipswich City Council's startup festival presentations.

Successfully led campaigns including crowd funders for startups and for purpose companies with target goals.

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