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January C

January C

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer with a focus on clients who are looking for a comprehensive and illustrative approach to visual identity.

22 days completed Joined March 2022
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January is a Graphic Designer with 8+ years of experience in a variety of sectors, including newspapers, bespoke illustration, retail print, health, and education. Thanks to this varied background, January appreciates attention to detail, the need for timely client communication and design that both looks and works well!

January likes to work with clients who are seeking a comprehensive visual identity with an illustrative style, particularly those in health and wellness, lifestyle products and healthcare/social assistance sectors.

Skilled in both print and digital design, January has a solid understanding of Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD), and can prepare templates for numerous platforms such as Canva and Mailchimp and has fundamental skills in UI/UX.

Outside of her career, January enjoys spending time with loved ones, being in nature and sightseeing in her local region while supporting the local businesses therein.


January Cole Creative Design

Owner (2021 - 2022)

Having just past her first year anniversary as being self-employed and experiencing a variety of different projects, January is taking this year to focus on clients who are a looking for a comprehensive, creative and illustrative approach to visual identity, particularly in the fields of health and wellness.

However, she is always open to other opportunities!

Her most recent project was a collaboration with a fellow business owner and long time client, Legion Consulting. Together we created the 'Marvellous Women' inspiration card deck. It features significant and impactful women throughout history, and these cards contain their life lessons for inspiration and decision-making.

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Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Graphic Designer (2019 - 2021)

ACRRM is a medical college with a focus on improving health outcomes for rural Australians by establishing a four-year GP fellowship for medical interns confident enough to take on the challenge that rural health presents.

January worked within the Marketing Team at ACRRM. Responsible for all print and digital collateral. In terms of print design, January produced flyers, brochures, annual reports, and promotional collateral for events such as pull-up banners, floor and wall decals, and large-format displays (banners for booths).

In terms of digital design, January produced website assets, social media, and digital ad assets according to briefs supplied by the marketing team. An in-depth and challenging role that taught her a lot during her time there.

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Graphic Designer (2018 - 2019)

Jack-of-all-trades graphic designer. Ovato specialises in print, and while working there January covered the full gamut of print jobs, from business cards to brochures to store signage. You name it, she did it! A wonderful role that set her up for so much later success.

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Key Skills
Graphic Design
Visual Communication Design (2014)

University of Newcastle

Key Industries
Accommodation & Hospitality Animal & Veterinary Care Construction Health & Wellness Health Care & Social Assistance