Jasmin F

Jasmin F

Public Relations Specialist

Jasmin is a skilled media professional, with 20 years of diverse industry experience across leading roles in media, PR, communications, and more.

New marketing consultant Joined July 2022
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Jasmin has actively and successfully married her journalism base into modern corporate outcomes, to achieve optimal communications impact and results for her clients.

Jaz co-runs Media Force Productions and consults/freelances in a range of media services, to clients in TV, corporate, small business, not-for-profit, and for individuals alike.


FRANKiE4 footwear

Corporate and Media Partnerships Manager (2021 - current)

Lead F4 and a small team into the emerging world of Corporate and Media Partnerships – invigorating existing partnerships and establishing new, mutually beneficial collaborations.

Lead Corporate and PR events locally and nationally, MC’ing and fronting the brand.

Part of this role, enabled the opportunity to take part in a Partnerships Mastery course, run by Marketing to Mums entrepreneur, Katrina McCarter.

Major brand partnership collaborations included: TUH, PillowTalk, endota, Brainchild, and countless schools and charities.

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FRANKiE4 footwear

Communications and PR Manager (2021 - current)

Created PR opportunities, campaigns and engagement aligning brand, store, product and values.

Supported targeted external events and collaborated with such organisations.

Aligned with marketing objectives and campaigns.

Produced and coordinated video and photo content for online use.

Engaged influencers, media and social celebrities for brand awareness activities.

Oversaw external relationship building tasks, with team members.

Hosted events with key influential targets.

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Sequel PR

Senior PR Account Manager (2021 - 2022)

Acted, advised and collaborated on an array of PR and multi-media projects for a range of clients – from story conception to execution.

Clients ranged from medicinal cannabis to coffee, financial services, alcohol to maritime pilotage programs, and more.

Enabled strong client relationships and showcased genuine personable connections.

Prepared clients and assisted across media interviews, and video production shoots.

Created press packs including press releases, audio grabs from clients (created inhouse for use in radio) and a link to an image/video library (for use in print or OLAY for TV).

Produced shoot days of visual overlay to utilise for TV media.

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Rackley Swimming & City Venue Management (CVM)

PR and Media Manager (2017 - 2020)

Rackley Swimming boasts 23 swim school and health and fitness sites across SEQ. Reporting to the GMs and CEO, my key roles and responsibilities:

Oversee the brands’ media presence and public stance, mitigate risks and open up media opportunities.

Writer of press releases, general copy, promotional collateral, identifying stories, assist in marketing and advertising opportunities, spokesperson, media training fellow spokespeople, and manage other internal and external multi-media correspondence.

Create social media plans (across FB and LinkedIn), generate new and engaging content, and collaborate with external agencies - provide mockup examples using basic graphics program.

Multi-media producer (create and capture video and photo incl. editing – outsource accordingly).

Produce and coordinate video and photo content for online, social, print & major signage.

Aiding professional relations (corporate, externals and sites).

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The Franchise Show

Series Producer and Journalist (2016 - 2016)

Working alongside the Director/Executive Producer, my key roles and responsibilities: (Series Producer, Journalist, Writer, Editor, PR and Social Media)

Oversee the show’s look, feel, delivery, and end result.

Collaborate, create, research and plan all content and promotional material.

Manage show brand integrity and sponsor brand/image requirements/standards.

Hands-on, extensive understanding of the show’s full production and execution.

Oversee social media messaging and aide PR.

24/7 availability to all staff, sponsors, external talent and public.

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Australian Swim Schools Association

National PR and Media Manager (2012 - 2016)

SA and ASSA were/are the leading national learn-to-swim and water safety experts, with around 600 registered swim schools. In 2012, Jaz was contracted by Aussie Aquatics (AA), to establish the PR and Media department of Swim Australia (SA). Across three-and-a-half years, it grew into a fully-fledged 24/7 PR/Media advisor to the CEO, swim authority, key stakeholders and national members role.

National PR/Media representative and spokesperson, media trainer and advisor.

Writer of releases, general copy, promotional collateral, identifying stories, marketing and advertising opportunities, and other internal and external correspondence.

Management of brand integrity, crisis and resolution issues.

Management of social media, public messaging and graphic creator of social tiles.

Multi-media producer (video, photographic and digital).

SwimTV Update monthly e-newsletter producer.

Aiding/managing local, national and international events when required.

Report writing, research and results.

Conference presenter and events MC.

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Media Force Productions (MFP)

MFP Co-Director, TV/PR/Media Consultant (2008 - current)

Media Force Productions (MFP) is a one-stop, modern, media production house, specialising in the full production of:

TV programs and commercials.

Media and PR consultancy / ghost writing.

Social media management and engagement.

Corporate videos / product launch videos / VNRs / voice over.

Special events and MC.

As a multi-media professional with an active diverse skillset, Jaz has ensured every element is developed and delivered with excellence, to exceed expectations.

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Nine Network Australia

Journalist / Producer / Host (2006 - 2008)

Journalist and Producer 'Extra' & 'Weekend Extra' (Daily consumer affairs).

Journalist (News and Sport).

Host 'QLD Surf Life Championships'.

Co-Host 'My Coast This Summer' (Theme park special).

Reader training in Weather and Sport.

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TEN Network

Journalist / Producer / Host (2003 - 2006)

Host 'Totally Footy' (National AFL show).

Journalist (News).

Reporter and Segment Producer 'Totally Wild' (national children's show).

Voice Over host for national documentary, 'Poles Apart'.

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ARN - 4KQ & 97.3FM

Journalist / Producer / Host (2002 - current)

On-road promotions.

Public engagement.

On-air announcements.

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Key Skills
Public Relations Social Media Management Videography Content Production
Bachelor of Journalism Degree (2002)

Queensland University of Technology

Key Industries
News, Information, Media & Telecommunications