Jennifer L

Jennifer L


Experienced copywriter and book editor.

New marketing consultant Joined August 2022
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With both writing and editing skills, Jennifer loves to help create meaningful messages for businesses. 

As a copywriter, she has written on over 40 topics in both B2B and B2C. She believes in working towards better marketing that is creative and authentic. Believing deeply in improvement for small business, she published a book called "Power Marketing".

Jen edits for Brisbane agencies and writes copy for complex services, like Accountants, property and land sales developments (including revealing what's around the location) and property club launches.


Oh Marketing!

CM Contractor (2021 - 2021)

Writing long blogs on property health.

Email news series on dog training products.

Scheduling Facebook.

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Team Accounting

Marketing Specialist (2018 - 2018)

Blogging, editing and marketing of three brands.

Worked on the SEO for the website and created a tax tips section.

Built a new website and wrote copy for their financial brand, Private Financial Group.

Demonstrated why and how to use LinkedIn for brand exposure.

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Data Talent

Content Manager (2016 - 2018)

Building Talent Pipelines.

Increasing brand visibility - within LinkedIn and via internet searches.

Writing online content - to inform on each major sector of the data market.

Editing posts and recruiting more insiders to write on data topics.

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I Want that CRM

Marketing Manager (2016 - 2016)

Improved the manager's LinkedIn connections by 50%.

Planning a marketing strategy.

Implementing the marketing plan and writing content to attract the right business.

Be proactive on LinkedIn and highlight expertise.

Used Zoho Social to post and Campaigns for client news.

Also inform current customers of how to use their CRM more efficiently.

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Red Planet Design

Marketing Consultant (2009 - 2013)

Ensured that client websites had well-written copy, Google map listings, and converting Google ads.

Wrote 95 articles.

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Key Skills
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content Production Digital Marketing Copywriting Email Marketing
Strategy of Content Marketing (2020)

Rainmaker Digital

BA Communications (2002)

Western Sydney University

Graphic Design Certificate Adv. (1993)

KvB College of Visual Communications

Key Industries
Education & Training Insurance & Financial Services Real Estate