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Jezey W

Jezey W

Marketing Strategist

A passionate, energetic and focused marketing, communications and business consultant dedicated to driving results, and growth for your brand.

177 days completed Joined November 2021


Is your business or brand looking to undertake a new marketing journey but not sure where to start? Let our marketing strategist Jezey take the reins and lead you to success!

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, PR, events, and business management, Jezey is passionate about finding creative and strategic ways to grow businesses and brands. Known for her pragmatism, honesty and commitment to driving the best possible outcomes, Jezey offers a huge amount of talent that an SME would benefit greatly from.

Jezey has far reaching skills that include brand strategy, campaign strategy, campaign management, copywriting and marketing strategy, through to grass roots campaign implementation. One of her more recent projects where these talents were implemented was with Blackmores, specifically the Impromy and Flexi brands, where she managed the marketing planning and delivery for both brands. Jezey has also managed her own marketing agency for the last five years, delivering results for SMEs by tailoring programs and campaigns to target key (removed online) growth opportunities both on and offline. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master of Marketing under her belt, Jezey has a distinctive understanding and flair towards marketing strategy and practices that are proven, results driven and innovative. 

With these impressive experiences in mind, Jezey would be perfectly suited with businesses that fall within the FMCG, food, beverage, animal care, health and wellness industries.

In her spare time, you will find her on mum duty to her beautiful children, pottering on her farm, rescuing, training and riding horses, at the gym where she trains MMA and exploring the wilderness.



Snr Product Manager - Functional Foods (2018 - 2019)

Delivering a 12 mth integration project of acquired brands (Impromy and Flexi) into the Blackmores business and facilitating in collaboration with the existing team the development of the functional foods division.

This project also included rolling IsoWhey and WheyLess into the Functional Food divisions portfolio and subsequently managing the marketing planning and delivery for all four brands for the year.

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RedJezebell Creative

Director (2017 - current)

Delivering results for SME's across the country by tailoring programs and campaigns to target key growth opportunities inside their businesses and the broader market.

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Probiotec Pharma

Marketing Manger (2016 - 2018)

As the Marketing Manager for the branded products at Probiotec (a Melbourne based, publicly listed pharmaceutical company), my portfolio included Impromy, Flexi, Metabolic C12, Celebrity Slim, Gold Cross, David Craig, and Skin Basics.

My role in this business was complex and diverse and exposed me to a wide array of unique situations. This resulted in my skills as a marketing professional becoming significantly well-rounded and highly varied.

In the role, I drove the development of an entirely new brand. This task included commercialising the product from its origins as a clinical trial report. This process involved liaising closely with CSIRO to ensure research partnership compliance and developing the minimum viable product, brand position and identity, pitching the brand to pharmacies to gain distribution and ultimately iterations in market-based on consumer feedback and sales trends.

I also oversaw and worked to drive the international expansion of the Celebrity Slim brand into China and New Zealand.

I managed the full rebrand of the Skin Basic skincare line, the move of an extensive collection of TGA listed products, the CH1 compliant labeling, and the move of all 'food' (i.e., weight loss products) products to be COO compliant.

In 2018, I managed a six-month consumer research project for the Impromy and Flexi brands. I ensured the key takeaways were implemented to drive an increase in brand awareness, market share, and ultimately sales growth.

Other key responsibilities included:

Marketing plan development (ATL and BTL) across all brands, including implementation in the market.

Driving consumer research projects and ensuring outcomes based on the findings were implemented.

PR for product launches or research publication etc.

Managing often complex relationships with research bodies such as CSIRO, Griffith University, and Flinders University, etc.

Digital media support.

Product NPD - including pitching to retailers for distribution etc.

Managing range reviews with retailers.

Supporting a national sales team.

Delivering events – primarily to trade.

Monitoring sales, consumer engagement, and other vital imperatives and tailoring market activities accordingly to endure sales growth.

Development of marketing materials, including extensive design work.

Retailer LAM support.

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Plarre Foods

Marketing Manger (2013 - 2015)

My role at Plarre Foods reported directly to the GM and CEO. Heading up the marketing team, my days varied between onsite doing day to day activities and implementing the critical brand strategies and time off-site engaging in stakeholder management (65 Franchisees). I successfully implemented several key strategies that directly resulted in increased consumer satisfaction and sales revenue.

Other responsibilities included:

Develop ongoing and fluid strategic marketing plans that demonstrate a tangible ROI.

Develop and deliver all PR activities for the brand.

Engage in media relations – responding to requests arranging interviews, sourcing imagery, etc.

Stakeholder and client relationship management.

Oversee the digital media strategy and its implementation.

Ensure preservation of the brand, develop and implement growth strategies.

Manage the marketing team, department and budget, ensuring all expenditure remains within budget.

Develop and curate media lists for individual campaigns.

Pitching of stories to media.

Event management of varying scales, including trade expos and quarterly network sessions.

Liaise closely with the training team on the development and delivery of franchisee marketing training.

Work with individual franchisees on their tailored LAM plans.

Extensive liaison with shopping centre marketing teams.

Consult with the Property Development team on new store builds/aesthetics etc.

Work closely with the production team on NPD and quality assurance.

Project manage all campaign/product to market launches to ensure all details are covered are and deadlines are met.

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Key Skills
Campaign Strategy Copywriting Campaign Management Brand Strategy Marketing Strategy
Master of Marketing (2013)


Bachelor Of Communications (2011)


Cert 4 Music (Business) (2007)


Key Industries
FMCG Food & Beverage Health & Wellness