Liezel Klopper

Liezel Klopper

Graphic Designer

Liezel has 20+ years’ experience in graphic design and marketing. Her experience ranges from small ad agencies to large global organisations.

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QLD, Australia
Cemoh since November 2021
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Liezel’s passion is strategic design for corporate business-to-business communications campaigns, especially new business pursuits. She believes in design that is not only visually impactful but has deeper insight and is in tune with the audience and client messaging.

Over the past 8 years, Liezel has been working remotely for several global organisation, which has taught her to be flexible and fast around client needs to ensure a job gets done on time…and gets done well.

Due to her extensive experience across the communications spectrum, she is comfortable managing and roll-out campaigns across all communication channels. However, she prefers to work with a team of peers who can challenge, provide feedback and involve her in the greater communications environment.


Deloitte (Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa,

Senior Graphic Designer (2017 - current)

Research and development of strategically aligned creative themes for both internal and external communications campaigns.

Management and design of communications campaigns and new business pursuits.

Advise on best channels to communicate core selling points throughout the communications process.

Advise on best print / production options.

Advising on best creative execution within Deloitte global brand guidelines.

Explore Property

Graphic Designer (2015 - current)

Design of both internal and external communications elements.

Assist and advise on client branding and develop branding elements in line with the company's desired image.

Creative development of printed and digital sales and marketing collateral, aligned with clients corporate identity.

Projects are taken from briefing through to production, across all media channels.

Advising on best channels to communicate specific messaging.

SAP Africa Events

Senior Graphic Designer (2009 - current)

Client liaison with SAP events organisers throughout Africa.

Manage and design events-centered creative elements from briefing through to delivery of final collateral.

Advise on and source best print / production options.

Advise on best creative execution within budget and SAP global brand guidelines.

Key Skills

Campaign Strategy Campaign Management Content Production Graphic Design Marketing Strategy

Key Industries

Government & Public Administration Professional Services Real Estate
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