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Luise is very adaptable when it comes to writing style and the 'tone' of a brand.

New marketing consultant Joined September 2022
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Over the last ten years Luise has worked as a freelance copywriter and content creator for a variety of clients (ranging from men's grooming supplies to speech therapy specialists), which has taught her to make her words work in a broad range of contexts. She prides herself in the speed of her work and she is yet to miss a deadline, she loves learning about new subject matters as she immerses herself in her clients' fields of expertise, and is always open to criticisms. For Luise, the job is only done when the client is completely happy with her work, no matter how many tweaks and edits they require.



Copy Writer, Editor, Proof Reader and Translator (2013 - current)

During the last nine years Luise has provided services for a variety of businesses, providing content to keep their online presence current and relevant.

Her most recent clients include:

Tooletries – producing regular content for social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as packaging text, press releases for new products, and correspondence with potential retailers.

Language Disorder Australia – producing fresh and updated web content for the relaunch of this organisation (previously known as SALDA) across three individual websites connected to their head office, special school, and specialist clinics.

The Famous Group – producing online content for a number of their clients, including:

Hader Clinic Queensland – a series of research-based articles on drug/alcohol addiction and addiction treatment; editing of personal client accounts of addiction; reference material for family and friends of persons suffering from addiction.

No Lawyers – a series of informational articles detailing legal proceedings in layman’s terms, largely on the topic of divorce and separation.

Pterodactyl Helicopters – writing a weekly blog about their ongoing offers, showcasing their special offers, and keeping their web traffic flowing through SEO.

Brisbane Yoga Space – a number of blogs highlighting their mindfulness programs and urban Yoga retreats.

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Key Skills
Public Relations Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content Production Copywriting Brand Strategy
Creative Industries/Creative Writing (Hons) (2009)

Queensland University of Technology

Key Industries
Health & Wellness Not-For-Proft Professional Services