Nicky Whichelow

Nicky Whichelow

A marketing strategist and researcher bringing data to life with comprehensive experience in both B2B and B2C.

Cemoh Type

Market Research Specialist


QLD, Australia


With over 15 years of commercial and not-for-profit experience, her skills are well suited to strategic marketing challenges. Whether it’s a new product or service, falling revenues, or growth opportunities Nicky can provide structured thinking embedded in both theory and real-world experience.

She is not afraid to ask difficult questions to get to the heart of the problem and bring tenacity and rigour to the table while creating innovative solutions to business challenges, an important attribute when both time and resources are tight.

Her experience is global and homegrown, covering the UK, USA (North America in particular), Europe, and Asia/Pacific. She has led both small and large change initiatives in the business development sphere and many of her previous roles have been based on SMEs looking for growth or staving off the competition.


Abacus Research

Owner (2021 - current)

Strategic market and user research.

Organisational consultant on strategic marketing planning.

Social impact practitioner.

Wesley Mission Aged Care

Head of Marketing and Communication (2021 - current)

Improve customer acquisition and retention through creating new customer journey maps.

Implement new marketing stack content tools.

Implement new marketing stack content tools, plan and execute a new EDM communication chain.

Oversee new revenue generating opportunities from concept to execution and measurement.

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers

Chief Marketing Officer (2010 - current)

Increase organisational profitability, reduced learner attrition and placed the brand at the forefront of learner choice in the health and fitness sector.

Increase lead volume by 15% with lower costs, and maintained margins through optimised content flow.

Manage inbound and outbound sales/call centre teams to create an effective overview of profitability, both in Australia and internationally

Improve online search spend effectiveness through the use of behavioural metrics and re-marketing.


BSc Organisational Behaviour (2010)

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MA (Distinction) Strategic Marketing (2010)

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PhD Communication Technology (2010)

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Key Skills

Market Research, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy

Key Industries

Education & Training, Health & Wellness, Insurance & Financial Services, Professional Services