Rebecca J

Rebecca J

Chief Marketing Officer

Highly accomplished, versatile, strategic marketing professional, with extensive experience of the full marketing mix.

26 days completed Joined July 2022
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Rebecca is a savvy, strategic operator who gets fired up helping organisations to play a bigger game and go after their big vision. She is a straight shooter who is deeply passionate about delivering great results with integrity and joy! Rebecca offers a rare depth of experience for innovative businesses that are looking to grow their business with an integrative approach to their sales and marketing function.

As a co-founder of an international award winning business she knows what it takes to drive growth in a way that is sustainable and profitable! Rebecca understands that working collaboratively with your organisation's leadership team is key to success. As an ICF qualified coach she brings an extra level of mastery to facilitating team projects and helping individuals to maximise and play to their strengths.

Rebecca has over 25 years experience working not only in her own businesses but also within a large number of SME's as a marketing consultant.

Her versatile skill set includes go to market strategy, brand strategy, multi channel marketing strategy, international market development, digital product strategy, automated lead generation, website development, multi touch campaigns, and social media strategy. She is also a hands on marketer who gets in and works with her team to ensure that the job is done right!

Rebecca is perfectly suited to support ambitious businesses in the professional services, start-ups, and technology space.


doTERRA International LLC

Business Coach and Mentor (2017 - current)

In 2017, during the launch process for my first book, You’re Not Alone: A practical guide for the awakening soul. I actively researched the top essential oil businesses around the globe with the view to strategically align with someone and create an extra revenue stream for myself.

My criteria were simple:

1. Products must be 100% pure, high quality, and potent.

2. The company must be ethical and actively strive to make the world a better place.

3. The revenue model needed to work for me.

To be honest, what I found was NO ONE WAS PERFECT! I choose to align myself with doTERRRA which at the time was the fastest growing business in the industry. I could see a lot of coaches, authors, experts were having success with growing an essential oil following and creating an extra income stream following the prescribed model. At first glance, it looked fantastic. I saw firsthand women launching with 5 and 6-figure months. However when their audiences ran out, many were left scratching their heads not sure how to get the next sale.

After seeing a need in the market for a different approach, I quickly dove into teaching people how to integrate these products into their offers naturally and in a way that amplified their expertise in their chosen space.

This turned into me devoting three years of my life to becoming an expert at everything doTERRA, essential oils, natural health, online classes and workshops, wellness and online funnels. I ate, slept, and breathed doTERRA business.

By 2020 I had worked out how to generate leads on autopilot, create a residual income stream that was aligned to my core offers and maximise the compensation on offer.

I now specialise in helping others to integrate doTERRA products into their current offers or create new offers that are strategically aligned to their vision, expertise and goals.

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Global Co-creators

Digital Business Coach (2016 - current)

Go to market strategies that deliver profit, joy and freedom.

Teach women how to monetise their expertise with digital products.

Marketing automation and autonomous sales funnels.

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Higher Love Today

Chief Possibility Officer (2015 - 2019)

The Mission is to support the heart of humanity. This is done through helping inspired beings to tap into their own inner wisdom and take action that takes them closer to their soul's purpose. This is done through providing connection, love, safety, education, and real-world tools.

As the custodian of this global movement, my main role is to hold space for possibility. I am actively traveling the world connecting inspired beings and building a Higher Love network of Higher Love Ambassadors. Through our Higher Love Ambassadors, we will create community-driven events. These monthly physical community events, festivals, projects, workshops and courses for children, youth and adults are on topics related to personal and planetary wellness, wisdom teachings, spirituality, consciousness, and earth sustainability.

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Head of Marketing (2011 - 2012)

As Head of Marketing for Acxiom ANZ Rebecca was responsible for defining and executing a focused brand and marketing strategy. As a hands-on member of the team her job was to lead the acquisition, marketing communications, and thought leadership programs.

Acxiom is a recognised leader in marketing services and technology that enable marketers to successfully manage audiences, personalise consumer experiences and create profitable customer relationships.

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The Marketing Effect

Marketing Consultant (2007 - 2016)

Provided innovative advice and support to small businesses ready to grow.

Development of strategic marketing plans.

Lead strategic marketing intiatives including digital product rollouts.

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Two Homes Pty Ltd

Founder and Managing Director (2007 - 2012)

The Two Homes team came together with the unified vision to create a place for people to easily access local information, resources and tools about separation, divorce, parenting, and moving forward.

The aim was to provide a place that is informative and supportive and helps shed some light and clarity on a difficult situation.

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Founder, Chief Marketing Officer (1999 - 2015)

One of three founders who proudly won Emerging Austrade Exporter of the year in our first year of operation and 15 years later sold the company for eight figures.

Owned the creation and execution of the overall international marketing and strategy.

Spearheaded a separate business unit that focused on a completely separate target market and niche.

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Key Skills
Digital Marketing Email Marketing Brand Strategy Marketing Automation Marketing Strategy
Double Major Marketing and Management (1997)

Victoria University

Key Industries
Health & Wellness Start-Ups Technology