Reuben S

Reuben S

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer who specialises in vector illustration, branding and eCommerce, Reuben has a naturally illustrative and stylised form of work.

79 days completed Joined February 2022
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If you’re in need of a graphic design gun to assist with rebranding or general marketing illustrations, then Reuben is your guy!

With over four years of design experience, Reuben is an out-of-the-box creative who uses his unique approach and innovative mind to solve creative problems. With skills ranging from brand strategy, content production to eCommerce and custom illustrations, Reuben offers a wide array of design variables to suit most businesses.

Another competency of his is the ability to offer full-stack design skills which means he knows enough to carry a project from its beginning through its first major phases all the way to its conclusion.

Reuben specialises in bringing a brand or project to life from thin air and has the creative agility to solve almost any design, eCommerce, or branding problem that you as a client may face. Over the last three years, Reuben has worked on various projects – from gourmet food branding and creating non-fungible token (NFT) assets to launching his very own skate streetwear brand. This makes Reuben best suited to businesses that fall within the arts and entertainment, fashion, and start-ups space that are seeking a freethinking, nimble, and street smart creative.

When he’s not crushing it on Adobe, you’ll find Reuben working on his business, Mizu Skate Co. or hitting the skate park. 



Graphic Designer (2022 - current)

Reuben has had the opportunity to work as a member of the BOH creative staff team at Cemoh. During his time here, Reuben mainly work on general graphic design services spanning multiple disciplines.

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Art Lead/Graphic Designer (2021 - 2022)

Through his freelance services, Reuben acquired a position as lead artist & creative consultant in the startup NFT company AI Surfers, there are 2 artists employed + a small business collective of investors and he was in charge personally of overseeing the creative direction, designing half of the characters & consulting in the general development of all major creative assets.

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Reubensk Designs/Mizu Skate Co.

Freelance Graphic Designer / Small Business Owner (2019 - current)

From 2019 onwards he decided to turn all his efforts towards doing only graphic design, illustration & creative work full-time & during these recent years, he has had the joy of working with a range of clients in all walks of life & it has expanded his skills & most importantly his creative flexibility tremendously. Reuben has also created his own Extreme Rollerblading merchandise & artisan product company celebrating the real culture of street rollerblading in Australia & the world.

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Gourmet Afrika

Graphic Designer (2015 - 2019)

Reuben spent 4 years working with the company Gourmet Afrika in a unique role creating & publishing their graphic design, advertising & catalogue.

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Asylum Clothing

In House Graphic Designer + T-Shirt Pressing Techn (2013 - 2015)

Following his education, Reuben began working for an an alternative clothing store in Nambour QLD

manufacturing custom tee-shirts, designing gig posters for our events and all other design

related tasks to run the business. He operated with them for two years before his time with the company ended due to me pursuing other opportunities

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Key Skills
Content Production Digital Marketing Brand Strategy eCommerce Graphic Design
Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design (2013)

Nambour Institute of TAFE

Key Industries
Arts & Entertainment Fashion Start-Ups