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Sally E

Sally E

Content Strategist

An expert copywriter specialising in content strategy and creation, Sally delivers content to help businesses get found online.

144 days completed Joined October 2021
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Sally Elliott is an expert copywriter specialising in content strategy and creation. She combines tried-and-true techniques with one-of-a-kind creativity to deliver content that helps businesses get found online.

Sally Elliott is copywriter, content strategist and certified digital marketing professional with a background in visual arts and creative writing. She started her marketing career as a digital marketing generalist, but started her own business and specialised in copywriting in 2019. Now, she helps startups and SMEs with SEO, content creation, web copywriting, Ad copywriting, EDM campaigns, branding and social media planning and execution. Sally has worked in the legal industry, the not-for-profit sector and in startup and SME businesses, and she has a passion for all things environment, sustainability and social justice.


Temperature Checks

Content Strategist (2021 - current)

Developing content strategy

Creating and editing Instagram content

Social media engagement

Scheduling social media content

Writing blog articles

Interviewing people for articles and social media content

Content optimisation (SEO, topic research, data analysis)

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OnScreen Designs

Content strategist (2021 - current)

Managing 4 x monthly content packages for agency’s clients

Content strategy, research and management

Writing and scheduling blog content

Writing and scheduling social media content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Content optimisation (SEO, topic, hashtag research)

Ad hoc web copywriting

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Google Ads copywriter (2021 - current)

Developing ad copy across a range of Google ad formats

Undertaking regular self-directed Best Practice training

Writing hundreds of headlines and captions based on thousands of keywords per account

Writing ads for a range of companies from SaaS & tech to performers, clothing retailers and health stores

Creating ads within a pre-built account structure (ad creation and optimisation after budget, targeting, campaign variables created by agency director)

Optimising ads until ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’ score

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Social Media Strategy Content Production Copywriting
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Professional Services SaaS Technology