Vlad S

Vlad S

Digital Marketing Strategist

Passionate about helping businesses to grow and succeed, he has a solutions-focused mindset and is an active listener.

New marketing consultant Joined June 2022
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Vlad has been a consultant for a number of years who has worked across a diverse range of industries as both an on-site, remote (and hybrid) resource.

He brings both an analytical and empathetic frame of reference when helping others achieve their goals. Being customer-driven in a way that helps all parties understand the customer journey and their current behaviour. This results in mutually beneficial outcomes.



UX consultant (2020 - 2021)

Customer research, UX and experience design consultancy. Primary role was a UX researcher and consultant:

Conducted one-on-one stakeholder and client interviews.

Documented and synthesised interview data.

Facilitated user workshops.

Written test plans and testing tasks.

Synthesised user insights.

Recruited targeted end-users for specific research projects.

Developed and implemented quantitative surveys.

Created personas and journey maps.

Presented research findings to stakeholders.

Maintain client relationships.

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Hancock Creative

Mentor/Strategist (2018 - current)

Mentoring NFP organisations to develop digital strategies. Conducted mentoring sessions and full-day workshops; understanding data, creating testing frameworks, and testing.

Identify opportunities for organisational growth. Synthesise insight, value and growth (engagement, lead generation, subscribers, donors), fundraising; raising brand awareness; process and system improvement.

Holistic approach to digital. UX research; assessing and revising NFPs social media and web footprint; combined and appropriate integration of organic and paid strategies.

Design thinking process. Insight-led strategy; application of industry best practice; collaborative and immersive pathway to objective-based results; transparency and accountability.

Introduced a holistic approach to digital marketing that was adopted into Hancock’s program (inclusion of funnels, data frameworks and analysis and user journeys).

Vlad's strategic approach saw some clients achieve over 400% gains in fundraising goals.

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Alpha Plus Solutions

Digital Marketing Strategist (2015 - current)

Bespoke digital marketing consultancy. Role included digital marketing strategy and relationship management:

Consult with companies to develop digital strategies - consultations and workshop facilitation.

Create customer-centric strategies focused on CX - UX research (qualitative and quantitative); utilise various methodologies to draw customer insights; develop personas and customer journey maps; and develop value proposition.

Develop strategies to drive engagement and conversion goals - data and insight-led strategies; re-purpose and amplify content and effort; manage social media channels; online funnels for lead generation strategies; and produce, shoot, and edit video.

Traffic and user analysis - Google Analytics; social media insights; and behaviour and sentiment tracking.

Digital media buying and campaign execution - Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Recruit, direct and manage external resources (designers, copywriters and developers).

Some clients achieved a significant increase in website traffic (up to 60%) and steady and continual growth on social channels.

Introduced and managed an SEM campaign for a performing arts company, which created a new avenue for ticket sales and brand awareness.

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Client Relationship Manager/Content Strategist (2014 - 2015)

SmartTech is a small start-up technology service provider. Vlad's initial role was business development and then he moved into managing clients, projects and creating content strategies:

Consult with business owners - create and manage custom web solutions; research target audiences; develop content strategies; SEO strategies; monitor website traffic (Google Analytics).

Managed internal resources (designer and developer).

Managed in-house website - created content strategy (integrated with SEO); created blog posts; created social media content.

Produce, shoot and edit video.

Developed an in-house framework for audience research and SEO strategies.

Saw a 20% increase in online traffic and 10% in online sales for some clients.

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Business Development Manager (2014 - 2014)

Sketch Corp. is a boutique marketing company. Vlad's primary role was business development and client relationship management:

Client relationship management.

Strategy proposals, identify opportunities and value-add.

Collaborative referrals and relationship building (assist all mutual parties).

Client and competitor research.

Networking, referrals and cold-calling.

CRM client tracking.

Brought on the first few national corporate clients to Sketch Corp.

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Business Development (2013 - 2014)

Full delivery digital marketing company with a focus on SME companies. Role included business development and client management:

Client relationship management.

Identify areas for potential improvement and new opportunities.

Collaborative approach to develop solutions.

Provide ongoing support and assistance.

Industry research.

CRM client tracking.

Consistent ongoing client retention.

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Private and Government

Business Analyst (2008 - 2013)

Vlad worked as a business analyst for the following companies in Brisbane:

Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

Technology One (Enterprise software company).

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Private and Government

Analyst/Programmer (2002 - 2007)

Vlad worked as an analyst/programmer for State Government departments and private companies in Brisbane:

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

Technology One (Enterprise software company).

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Key Skills
Brand Audits Marketing Analytics Marketing Strategy Market Research
Bachelor of Informatics (2002)

Griffith University

Key Industries
News, Information, Media & Telecommunications Not-For-Proft Start-Ups