Conversion Rate Optimisation Review and Website Updates (Project)

Web Developer

Conversion Rate Optimisation Review and Website Updates (Project)

Web Developer

The existing Cemoh client needs an urgent CRO view of their website!

The site is custom built and hardcoded in WP Bakery with all the inherited quirks of that theme...

The scope of work for this project is:

- We need the home page and all landing pages to be fully optimised to best practice standards for conversion. We are open to suggestions.

- Look at the navigation system, perhaps, adding secondary CTA or secondary nav?

- Consideration: should we have CTA’s above the fold?

- Limitations in WP Bakery theme’s responsive design causes headaches such as problematic desktop banners

- Digital Signage page had ‘sticky’ left hand elements that no longer work, suspect broken CSS

- Introduce highlighted text per Screen Cloud

- Site speed review and recommendations

- Iconography: are we missing opportunities to use iconography or do we have enough?

- Should we consider: separate landing pages based on products, solutions or potential industries e.g. retail. The landing pages need to be optimised for search and conversion. If so we will need a landing page template.

Mobile Layout concerns in version of site includes but are not limited to:

- Improving the navigation system

- Improving responsive footer layout

- Structural margin and padding concerns

- Below banner on Our Work page (mobile)

- Surrounding icons set in Help With sections

- Above footer on most pages

This is a multifaceted project and needs someone (or a team) with design, UX, CRO and web development experience.

Feel free to apply if you think you can complete any of the main components of this project.t

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